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North American CM: Industrial Internet model leads the development of China's mask industry

2018-11-29       11824

Industrial Internet model breaks traditional sales ideas

"A group of people, one thing, one heart, work together, and definitely win", into the Chaomei mask e-commerce area The slogan hung on the wall was very eye-catching, a group of young people sitting in the brand-new e-commerce office area, constantly striking the keyboard in their hands.

Since the second half of last year, North American and American companies have changed their development models by recruiting partners to introduce independent marketing teams such as Yilong, Chenxing, Xinxing, etc. Online platforms such as Pinhui and Pinduoduo.

Song Yujie, the head of the Yilong team, which is mainly engaged in the operation of Tmall platform, said that the super beauty mask has been ranked first in the sales of similar products on Tmall platform since this year, and it is currently Looking at the situation, this result should be maintained. The sales performance of other platforms has also continued to rise, and many cooperation projects are also under active negotiation.

Entering the production workshop on the other side, more than 200 workers are busy producing and packaging various mask products, and a "dog" pattern box comes into view. It is said that this was made by North America Online shopping explosion in the year of the dog.

Unmanned vending machine debuts in Beijing: provides a basis for product big data analysis < / span >

People in charge of e-commerce in North America opened the mobile phone album and turned to photos of unmanned vending machines of North America masks in some hospitals and subway stations in Beijing. Scan the phone to pick up the goods. At present, North Korea has launched 41 unmanned vending machines in Beijing. Consumers can purchase North Korea masks through online platforms and offline QR code scanning and pickup, which is convenient for operation.

Lin Yanwei, person in charge of e-commerce, said that the problem of "last mile" shopping for consumers was solved through unmanned vending machines, saving time and convenience for consumers while also benefiting Increase the promotion of the CM brand of North Korea and the United States. In addition, through online and offline data analysis, you can better grasp the situation of consumer groups, consumption time, product preferences, etc. In the future, through continuous accumulation of data, we will fully grasp the market orientation and digest inventory. To increase product turnover.

Industry development promotes local rural revitalization

Implementing the strategy of rural revitalization is a major decision-making and deployment made by the 19th National Congress of the Party, and a major historical task to win a comprehensive construction of a moderately prosperous society and a socialist modernized country. As a local leading enterprise in Yangcunqiao Town, under the guidance of national policies, North Korean companies have embarked on a road that conforms to the current social situation and is conducive to industrial revitalization and development. The continuous development of the North American mask industry has absorbed more than 500 idle labor for the local area.

As it continues to grow and develop, North Korea and the United States have not forgotten to give back to the society, subsidize the construction of local elderly canteens, donate love to villagers in need, and provide financial support for the spiritual and cultural construction of local farmers.