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Three times the salary called the employees to come back to make masks, today we have to make 50,000! Jiande North Korea and the United States fully support the epidemic prevention and control battle

2020-04-20       7650

Half of the employees have been put into production

Yesterday ’s daily output reached 30,000

Faced with the violent epidemic, the most common masks have become "tight goods", and the supply of masks everywhere is unprecedentedly scarce. In order to win the battle of prevention and control of the epidemic, Hangzhou Jiande Chaomei Japanese Chemical Co., Ltd. recalled the workers who had been on holiday on January 21, worked overtime and produced masks, and promised to never sit on the floor.

The company ’s chairman Lin Jinxiang said that North Korea and the United States have experienced defense battles for SARS, H1N1 flu, H7N9 avian flu and other outbreaks. When in crisis, companies have no reason to stand by and must stand unconditionally Good post, good service, and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In the past two days, the Chaomei Mask Factory, which should have been empty, was even hotter than usual. The production workshop was still brightly lit at 10 pm yesterday.

Workers who should have been at home for the New Year have all returned to the workshop and sat down in front of the operating table to make masks. After the workers on one side completed the ultrasonic welding of the protective masks, someone immediately performed a row of the masks, and the entire workshop was nervous and orderly.

Chairman Lin Jinxiang told reporters that this year the company was going to be on holiday from January 15th as before, leaving only a few staff on duty. However, starting from January 18, the company has received expedited orders for masks, and nearly 7 million masks have been completely sold out in the next two days.