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"CM Chaomei" has always followed the "science and technology to prosper the factory, continuous innovation" research and development and production concept, with high-quality products; Preferential price; Thoughtful service to win the trust of the majority of customers.

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2020-04-20       7419


Standardization is not only reflected in the standardized road signs and clean factory environment, but also in the reception process of North America (CM), in determining the itinerary and leaving There are people in front of you to discuss the arrival time and schedule. I understand that the reception staff of North America (CM) always follow the teacher of tea art in their spare time. This is completely consistent with the style of the well-established company. All the work of the company is deeply detailed and impeccable. And to achieve the degree of North Korea (CM), only a handful.

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In 1978, the start-up of North Korea (CM) was accompanied by the pace of reform and opening up. Lin Jinxiang used 50 yuan to start his entrepreneurial dream. Now, this has More than 800 people, the annual production capacity of masks with a production capacity of more than 400 million masks, has been inherited by Lin Jinxiang ’s two sons. Lin Yanfeng, a young son with extraordinary talent in technology and capacity upgrades, is in marketing and corporate Lin Yanwei, the eldest son with a unique sense of smell and perspective during the development process. I think this may be part of the reason why North America (CM) has been steadily and resolutely advancing on the road from small family workshops to industry leaders.

2003 was an unforgettable year for the people of the whole country. The sudden outbreak of SARS changed many people ’s life trajectories, including Lin Jinxiang. The field visits of the Medical Development Division of the National Development and Reform Commission and the emergency supply of 200,000 masks have strengthened Lin Jinxiang's determination to develop respiratory protection products for North America (CM) in the future, and also made Lin Jinxiang complete the perfect transformation from a businessman to an entrepreneur.

Whether it is the SARS outbreak 15 years ago, the Wenchuan earthquake in recent years, or the explosion accident in Tianjin Binhai New Area, North Korea (CM) is on the front line; Villagers' Activity Park, Chongyang Festival banquets and gifts prepared for 70-year-olds every year; subsidies for poor students, free masks for the Red Cross ... These deeds have been persevered by CM as a corporate tradition. This is an old party member over 60 years old who is using actual actions to give back to this side of the water and soil and his neighbors. This is an entrepreneur who is using actual actions to declare that the development of the CM enterprise will always focus on responsibility And mission.

As far as one ’s experience and the development of an enterprise are concerned, any text that tries to be interpreted is slightly pale. This feeling is particularly profound at the moment when the pen is written to write CM We approach and understand North Korea (CM) with piety, and will faithfully record and interpret North Korea (CM) stories. [Please look forward to] The cover character of the September 2018 issue of Labor Insurance: Jiande Chaomei (CM) Day Interview with Lin Jinxiang, Chairman of Chemical Co., Ltd. Interview Hotline: 15152451114