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Leaders of Jiande City visited and surveyed North American companies

2018-11-29       7427

On the morning of August 21, Mayor Zhu Huan led the heads of the relevant departments to come to Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. to conduct field research on the digital economy "three integrations" and traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading related work. Vice Mayor Xia Xisheng participated in the survey.

Mayor Zhu Huan affirmed the industry currently operated by North American and American companies, and requested to take the lead in the domestic market industry to make the company stronger and bigger, but also to give valuable advice and future development Develop new ideas.

Once the SARS masks were exclusively used for Beijing "Xiaotangshan", Taobao Tmall masks are now ranked in the top three ... Chaomei Rihua is now one of the leading companies in the domestic respiratory protection industry. Zhu Huan praised the company's factory IoT system on the spot, and encouraged companies to continue to deepen the "integration of the two industries", keep an eye on the goal of "increasing market share by 1 percentage point, and doubling sales", and continue to lead the industry.

Zhu Huan pointed out in the survey and discussion that the industrial economy is the foundation and source of motivation for the city ’s various developments and is also the top priority of the city ’s work. Relevant departments must abandon the misunderstandings of the original digital economy and the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries. They must not be lazy, stand on opposite sides, do nothing or be conservative, and work harder, more actively and proactively for economic work.

Zhu Huan emphasized that we must persevere to create a strong economic working atmosphere. Leaders at all levels attach importance to, increase propaganda, and use the strength to leverage on-the-spot work results; we must increase investment to stretch the "long board" of Jiande's economic work. Increase investment in science and technology, promote technological innovation, and accelerate the construction of beautiful parks and small and micro enterprise parks; we must make every effort to improve services and create a good business environment for enterprises. Relevant economic departments must continue to provide good services in land use, land requisition, talent introduction, project construction, and foreign cooperation and exchanges; they must be forced to upgrade and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises; they must ensure the completion of their tasks and fully promote the "Phoenix Action" plan; Supporting the superior and strengthening the government will increase the support for the key enterprises with special characteristics;

Xia Xisheng also put forward specific requirements for our city ’s next step of the “three integrations” of the digital economy and the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries.